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Goat detained over armed robbery January 27, 2009

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True. See it here.

Imagining how the interrogation went just makes me crack up. And where did they lock him up? In a separate cell, or was he together with the human inmates? Some might complain of special treatment. He might even get a special food, made specifically for him. I hear some people in the same jail as him already complaining.



Career options January 26, 2009

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I am hoping to graduate by April, and I am excited to work fulltime as a law graduate and eventually as a lawyer. I am not alone in trying to figure out what career path to take. I am not one of the fortunate few who gets invited to dinners with law firms and listen to the compensation packages that they have to offer, and the scholarship loan opportunities. I do have quite an idea of what I want to do, and the field of law I will concentrate on, but the question is – where do I begin?

It is so much easier to plan and think of the many things I want to do when I finally become a lawyer. It is easy to see myself living and working in different places in the world, doing the developmental research that I want to do. It is easy to see myself getting a masters degree in international financial relations, information communications technology or international environmental law.One or all. Or some other field not among the three.

But I have to start somewhere, and I want to start ASAP. Some of my friends are willing to wait for the bar results before they get a job. I want to get the ball rolling at once. I will probably give myself a month to rest after the bar, but that’s it. I’d go crazy if I have more than a month of vacation.

As of now, I have no options to speak of, no offers, no applications. But I do hope to find a job that will allow me to do my research and writing especially with developmental issues, and environmental issues. I have never thought of factoring in money, but travel opportunities will be one of my top considerations. I do not mean that will accept a job that just pays minimum wage, hell no. But I just know that monetary considerations will just be a minor factor, especially when I get to do the things that I want to do. Plus, I think law should not primarily be a moneymaking career. It is nice to have money, but there are more important things.

I want a job that would help improve my research and writing skills. Travel too. And see the world and make the most impact to it, to  make the lives of people better.

I am quite anxious about my career options. I just really hope there’s something out there for me.

God, please give me the a job that will allow me to make the  most impact on the lives of people and make it better. Also, a job that will require me to stay in France, for a long period of time. If not France, South Africa. But your will, your will be done. Just give me peace, knowing you have great plans for me. Be still my heart.

Where would I be? January 25, 2009

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Where would I be, without you?

Lead me as I go.

Like a waterfall, you fill my heart.

Let me overflow.

Overflow, Chris Tomlin

Pictures of the week January 24, 2009

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These are amazing pictures that I just have to share.

This is from one of my favorites sites, Big Pictures. Breathtaking. I love seeing how God expresses himself through nature.

This one’s courtesy of Kottke.org, this a 100 meter photo. Yes, 100 meter, taken from the same spot over a 20 day period. Really cool. And I like the title as well, We’re all gonna die – 100 meters of existence.

Streamlining my (web) life January 24, 2009

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I spend a significant amount of time online. Sometimes it is quite an addiction because there are times that I have an urge to just go online even if I do not need to.

Since I have been trying to be better at time management, and also trying to create a daily routine, one of the steps I have taken is to lessen my RSS feeds subscription.

I have used Google Reader to keep track of my favorite sites and blogs. It has been really helpful, but also quite overwhelming especially when one receives more than a hundred feeds a day. So I decided to unsubscribe from many of the blogs and websites that I have a difficulty keeping track of. Though I can opt to hide the number of feeds I have not read, reading them really takes hours when I get down to it. But thanks to Mozilla’s Morning Coffee add-on, I can opt to visit them any day with just one click. This is better because there’s no pressure to read the blogs or websites because they do not come to me in the form of voluminous subscription items.

Lessening my RSS feeds subscription is one of the things I have to do to try to handle my time better. I do not have to keep track of everything, there are better things that I need to focus on. Thanks to 43 Folders for giving me this idea. It is more important for me to keep my attention to things that matter, like my thesis, and research work.

Next step will be to get used to studying at home, in my room, for more than 30 minutes. Knowing my attention span, and my utter need for distraction, this one is going to be more challenging. Will update on that in the future.

Slumdog Millionaire January 24, 2009

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There has been quite a hype about this movie. And I waited until I had time to watch and savor it but it fell flat. I did not get the movie. So the guy’s in Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and uses that to get in touch with the love of his life. In the process of being interrogated for his success, he ends up sharing his life story. And? Not much going on in there.

I just did not get the movie. Maybe watching it after I watched Revolutionary Road last night was a bad idea, or maybe this is just not my cup of tea, or chai.

I think this movie is the same as the Big Fat Greek Wedding. The Big Fat Greek Wedding was a hit because having such a large, noisy family is not just a common thing for those watching it, especially Americans. This movie sells to western people cos they do not have slums and have not seen poverty like this one. For someone who sees poverty, just like the one presented in Slumdog Millionaire, on a daily basis, there was nothing that made the movie special. Since I am not a film major and cannot judge a movie’s cinematography and direction and what-not, I usually base my judgment of a movie on the skills of the actors, the music used and the story. Though I think it was well acted, and the movie did have a good musical score, there was nothing in the story that excited me. The love story did not even feel well presented.

But just for one to be a part of the bandwagon, watch it. But for me, I’ll live if I had not watched it. It doesn’t make my list of great movies.

And I still cannot believe Revolutionary Road did not get the nominations it deserves.

Revolutionary Road January 23, 2009

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I hate great movies, especially the ones where I end up teary-eyed and enjoying it – teary-eyed is an utter understatement. I just finished watching Revolutionary Road, and that is how I am right now, teary-eyed. Kate and Leo should have gotten an Academy Award nomination for their performances. I am no film critic, it’s either I like it or not, either it catches my attention or not, either it is interesting or not. This was something I liked, attentively watched, and was quite interesting. I will leave it at that.

I just love depressing movies, they make me feel better.

Facebook scare January 21, 2009

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Facebook has made updating one’s feelings, angst, thoughts and what-not easier through the Status updates. I love updating it, and going through the updates of people too. But I realized, I practically tell people I am not close to, about how I feel and think. Eep. Privacy scare.

I just think that there has been too much sharing, on my part, and people I do not intend to be an audience of my thoughts are able to see it.

For now, I will stop that update. I will use this blog, and Twitter.

Forgetting January 20, 2009

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I tend to forget, forget things that I did and it drives me crazy. I tend to forget where I parked the car especially when I am in the mall. It scares me because I could end up scouring the entire parking space of the mall to look for it. I even forget where I parked the car when  I am in school. I also forget whether I locked the car doors or not. It drives me nuts when I am in class trying to remember if I did lock it. For a number of times, I have been forced to go back and check the car, and the good thing is, I always locked it, I just do not remember doing it.

For the past two days, I have dreamt that I had Alzheimer’s. It sort of scared me but since it was a dream, I just did not pay much attention to it.

Then I just had a YM conversation with Rianne and I remember typing this:

Lemuel: talagang nag hanap
Lemuel: haha

But there was also this after the last line,

anal ba siya?

But I do not remember typing it at all. It was not even related our conversation. Cold sweat. I think I am going nuts. But then again, I already am. But I do not want to be a forgetfulnut.

Taxi Ride January 19, 2009

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Normally, when riding the taxi, I would just sit at the back and just wait for the driver to take me my destination. But there are the occasional chatty cab drivers that would comment on the latest DaniCon legal issue they are listening to, or to the news that Mike Enriquez seems to shout at the top of his lungs to make sure you are listening. There is also the occasional driver whose radio is so loud, he will not hear you and the rest of the outside world.

On my way home tonight, after a class that extended for more than an hour, I had one memorable taxi ride. Nothing special about the car, it was not the Avanza that I have wanted to ride on for a long time, just to know how it feels to ride in a taxi that is that big. When I hailed the cab, I first saw what I thought was a teenager. He even stopped in the middle of the road and quite abruptly and I thought to myself that this guy was new in job. And he was, because he told me to guide him where to pass because he is not familiar with the place.

I realized he was not a teenager, unless I consider myself a teenager. But he was young for a taxi driver. He asked whether I knew the singer in the song playing in the radio, I think it was Bryan McKnight. He got into singing the song as if I was not there, well it was loud enough for me to hear it clearly but not too loud to be annoying.

It amused me that someone my age is driving a taxi. He mentioned that he wanted to be a family driver, in the future. That is his plan. He will wait it out until he finds a job opening, so in the meantime, he will drive the taxi.

I did not get his name, nor how old he really is, but I did enjoy the taxi ride because it made me realize that I am not the only one waiting for better things in the future. Almost everyone does. We all dream of things to be better, and we do what we have to do as we wait for that to happen. What struck me about him was that he enjoyed what he was doing in the interim. He was singing while he was driving. He was smiling while he was talking about his fear of being held-up by people who ask to be brought to Tondo. I knew he had to work his ass off for 12 hours just to earn at least 300 pesos for each day he drives, but he seems quite content with where he was. He was just in the moment. That is the attitude. I hope he gets what he wants, and even more.