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Career options January 26, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life, work.

I am hoping to graduate by April, and I am excited to work fulltime as a law graduate and eventually as a lawyer. I am not alone in trying to figure out what career path to take. I am not one of the fortunate few who gets invited to dinners with law firms and listen to the compensation packages that they have to offer, and the scholarship loan opportunities. I do have quite an idea of what I want to do, and the field of law I will concentrate on, but the question is – where do I begin?

It is so much easier to plan and think of the many things I want to do when I finally become a lawyer. It is easy to see myself living and working in different places in the world, doing the developmental research that I want to do. It is easy to see myself getting a masters degree in international financial relations, information communications technology or international environmental law.One or all. Or some other field not among the three.

But I have to start somewhere, and I want to start ASAP. Some of my friends are willing to wait for the bar results before they get a job. I want to get the ball rolling at once. I will probably give myself a month to rest after the bar, but that’s it. I’d go crazy if I have more than a month of vacation.

As of now, I have no options to speak of, no offers, no applications. But I do hope to find a job that will allow me to do my research and writing especially with developmental issues, and environmental issues. I have never thought of factoring in money, but travel opportunities will be one of my top considerations. I do not mean that will accept a job that just pays minimum wage, hell no. But I just know that monetary considerations will just be a minor factor, especially when I get to do the things that I want to do. Plus, I think law should not primarily be a moneymaking career. It is nice to have money, but there are more important things.

I want a job that would help improve my research and writing skills. Travel too. And see the world and make the most impact to it, to  make the lives of people better.

I am quite anxious about my career options. I just really hope there’s something out there for me.

God, please give me the a job that will allow me to make the  most impact on the lives of people and make it better. Also, a job that will require me to stay in France, for a long period of time. If not France, South Africa. But your will, your will be done. Just give me peace, knowing you have great plans for me. Be still my heart.

Bureaucracy sucks! January 18, 2008

Posted by leukemicnut in work.
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Someone needs to start doing something about the system for payment here in UP! My salary for November and December has not arrived yet. Argh! And all I can do is blog about it.