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Serve and volley – anyone? January 27, 2009

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I just watched the last four games of the Safina-Dokic match, and I think that was one great match. After that I was able to catch a few games of the Federer-Del Potro match, and I was quite bored. Is it just me or has men’s tennis become quite boring and formulaic? Almost everyone’s stuck in the baseline. No one approaches the net the way Sampras and Henman did a few years back. There’s no contrasting play between a baseliner and a serve and volleyer.

Federer can mix it up once in a while, but his game is not something I classify as a serve and volley game. I just miss watching a game between a serve and volleyer and a baseliner. The contrast of styles makes a match really exciting especially when both players are playing great. That’s where strategy and skill comes in. Now, I think I see the same match over and over. One guy trying to outgun another from the baseline. It’s a battle of strength and speed. I may be oversimplifying it, but I just want some difference in style.

Wimbledon used to be a place for the serve and volleyers. Now, just about anyone can win it. Wimbledon and the French Open has seemed to be two different surfaces, but there really is not much effect on the type of play required. I was able to watch a feature in BBC a few years back that they have changed the grass in Wimbledon such that the balls are now slower than before. I think that was a wrong move.

But I do hope Federer wins the Australian Open. Pissed that Djokovic had to retire. As to the women’s draw, I have lost interest.  The number one spot seems to have changed quite a lot that it has lost its prestige.


Federer post July 6, 2008

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I think I want him to win, or if he’s going to lose, at least not in this way, where he looks like he’s no match to Nadal. But why should I care, I should be studying but my mind just won’t work. Play suspended as of the moment, hopefully Federer will find some motivation while waiting for the rain to stop. I should find mine as well.