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Streamlining my (web) life January 24, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life, technology.
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I spend a significant amount of time online. Sometimes it is quite an addiction because there are times that I have an urge to just go online even if I do not need to.

Since I have been trying to be better at time management, and also trying to create a daily routine, one of the steps I have taken is to lessen my RSS feeds subscription.

I have used Google Reader to keep track of my favorite sites and blogs. It has been really helpful, but also quite overwhelming especially when one receives more than a hundred feeds a day. So I decided to unsubscribe from many of the blogs and websites that I have a difficulty keeping track of. Though I can opt to hide the number of feeds I have not read, reading them really takes hours when I get down to it. But thanks to Mozilla’s Morning Coffee add-on, I can opt to visit them any day with just one click. This is better because there’s no pressure to read the blogs or websites because they do not come to me in the form of voluminous subscription items.

Lessening my RSS feeds subscription is one of the things I have to do to try to handle my time better. I do not have to keep track of everything, there are better things that I need to focus on. Thanks to 43 Folders for giving me this idea. It is more important for me to keep my attention to things that matter, like my thesis, and research work.

Next step will be to get used to studying at home, in my room, for more than 30 minutes. Knowing my attention span, and my utter need for distraction, this one is going to be more challenging. Will update on that in the future.


Facebook scare January 21, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in rants, technology.

Facebook has made updating one’s feelings, angst, thoughts and what-not easier through the Status updates. I love updating it, and going through the updates of people too. But I realized, I practically tell people I am not close to, about how I feel and think. Eep. Privacy scare.

I just think that there has been too much sharing, on my part, and people I do not intend to be an audience of my thoughts are able to see it.

For now, I will stop that update. I will use this blog, and Twitter.

Too much Facebook apps January 24, 2008

Posted by leukemicnut in technology.
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Read an article in New York Times about the different Facebook applications. I am a fan of Facebook but then I realized that many, as the article said, of the applications are really quite silly. Vampires or werewolves? Or maybe a happy pill? How about knowing how lovable I am? Or the drink that a friend sent me? I may be guilty of throwing people for kicking them because of Superpoke, but I’ve realized that it really takes a lot of time to do that, and they seem a bit wasteful and not fun.  That’s for me at least.  Maybe I feel this way because I haven’t been able to access Facebook from the office, thus I had to press “IGNORE” for about 87 times because of the application requests I’ve received.  I also ended up removing almost half of the applications in my profile.  Just left those that I might think are useful.  No more flufffriends, or movierack.  I think I’ve reached that point where I’ve had too much of these applications that aren’t as fun as they I started using Facebook. Maybe my friends felt annoyed as well when they received too many “kicking” or “serenading” from me. For that, I apologize.

The article written above also talked about the issue regarding SCRABULOUS, which was an application similar to SCRABBLE.  I think the owners of SCRABBLE wanted the application removed as it infringed on their intellectual property right over the game. Well, they had the right, I think, and I agree with the article, that it was only a matter of timing for the owners of SCRABBLE.  Now that the game is popular, they might use it to get some profit. Good corporate thinking.