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Phelps and pot February 4, 2009

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I have seen the pictures of  Michael Phelps, smoking pot. So what?

Give him a break. Anyone is entitled to commit mistakes.

I am particularly pissed by this article. As if he’s the first person caught on camera smoking pot. Some people have been caught in worse situations. So this really ticks me off.


Random thoughts February 4, 2009

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I do not like explaining why I am skipping class. Haha. I think I can do that. But maybe I ask people the reason too, that’s why I can be asked.

I love coffee, but it makes my tummy hurt sometimes, well most of the time. That is why I always have to eat something while drinking it. Pandesal.

Coffee does not make me lose sleep. I can drink it one minute, and be asleep the next one. However, it does make waking up easier especially if I have to wake up early.

I have episodes of cleaning frenzy. I throw things that I can still use when I am in this mood.

I am moody, extremely moody.

I dream of swimming.

I really really want to learn to play tennis.

I really want to become a Triathlete (I know how to swim, bike and run –  I think that’s the requirement. The endurance is what I have to train for.)

I miss my family back home. Life is easier and less stressful there too.

I love pandesal. Especially the ones back home.

Sometimes I still ask myself whether law is for me.

I hate it that I feel insecure sometimes, without any trigger or anything.

Serve and volley – anyone? January 27, 2009

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I just watched the last four games of the Safina-Dokic match, and I think that was one great match. After that I was able to catch a few games of the Federer-Del Potro match, and I was quite bored. Is it just me or has men’s tennis become quite boring and formulaic? Almost everyone’s stuck in the baseline. No one approaches the net the way Sampras and Henman did a few years back. There’s no contrasting play between a baseliner and a serve and volleyer.

Federer can mix it up once in a while, but his game is not something I classify as a serve and volley game. I just miss watching a game between a serve and volleyer and a baseliner. The contrast of styles makes a match really exciting especially when both players are playing great. That’s where strategy and skill comes in. Now, I think I see the same match over and over. One guy trying to outgun another from the baseline. It’s a battle of strength and speed. I may be oversimplifying it, but I just want some difference in style.

Wimbledon used to be a place for the serve and volleyers. Now, just about anyone can win it. Wimbledon and the French Open has seemed to be two different surfaces, but there really is not much effect on the type of play required. I was able to watch a feature in BBC a few years back that they have changed the grass in Wimbledon such that the balls are now slower than before. I think that was a wrong move.

But I do hope Federer wins the Australian Open. Pissed that Djokovic had to retire. As to the women’s draw, I have lost interest.  The number one spot seems to have changed quite a lot that it has lost its prestige.

Facebook scare January 21, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in rants, technology.

Facebook has made updating one’s feelings, angst, thoughts and what-not easier through the Status updates. I love updating it, and going through the updates of people too. But I realized, I practically tell people I am not close to, about how I feel and think. Eep. Privacy scare.

I just think that there has been too much sharing, on my part, and people I do not intend to be an audience of my thoughts are able to see it.

For now, I will stop that update. I will use this blog, and Twitter.

Forgetting January 20, 2009

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I tend to forget, forget things that I did and it drives me crazy. I tend to forget where I parked the car especially when I am in the mall. It scares me because I could end up scouring the entire parking space of the mall to look for it. I even forget where I parked the car when  I am in school. I also forget whether I locked the car doors or not. It drives me nuts when I am in class trying to remember if I did lock it. For a number of times, I have been forced to go back and check the car, and the good thing is, I always locked it, I just do not remember doing it.

For the past two days, I have dreamt that I had Alzheimer’s. It sort of scared me but since it was a dream, I just did not pay much attention to it.

Then I just had a YM conversation with Rianne and I remember typing this:

Lemuel: talagang nag hanap
Lemuel: haha

But there was also this after the last line,

anal ba siya?

But I do not remember typing it at all. It was not even related our conversation. Cold sweat. I think I am going nuts. But then again, I already am. But I do not want to be a forgetfulnut.

Are you crazy? November 13, 2008

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Everyone’s entitled to be a little crazy. Well some can pull off being totally weird but still would not make other people uncomfortable. I just find it difficult to respond to other people’s crazy episodes. Or just weird episodes. We all go through stuff in life, thus I will try to understand, even if it makes me feel really really really awkward being around that person. I will not try to be weirded out even if every cell in my body tells me to run and try to be invisible.

True colors March 15, 2008

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I have never been a fan of people molded out of plastic.  The kind that makes you want get at knife and pierce through their facade of friendly smiling faces just to see the horns sticking out of their head and the tail kept under their behind.  I told a close friend that I may be estopped from complaining primarily because I do talk about people behind their backs, but he said that what we do, does not involve malice.  I think he is right.  I make fun of facts that people can laugh at when they see me having it. Like having dry elbows that need some lotion, lots of it.  Or a stupid remark during recitation (which I tend to have a propensity to do).  But when people starting changing the circumstances of a situation to make me look bad, and to raise them to a faux ivory tower, I cannot help but me angry and mortified.  Too much for me to swallow.

Truth be told though, I am not surprised that these people did it.  I just hoped they didn’t but I guess I again am a victim of having too high expectations of people.  The question now is how do I react and treat them? Writing this means they might end up knowing about how I really feel.

I cannot control them, that’s for sure. I am capable of controlling myself though. I will refuse to drop to their level of immaturity.  Well, that means I have to try to stop talking about people behind their backs.  Holiness is a virtue.  I will not tolerate the fact that people look down on others and think highly of themselves.  I will not.  But neither will I wage a war when I have many other battles that I face.  I choose my battles.  But for them, for my own sake, whatever they did, I forgive.  But that does not mean everything will go back to normal. Trust has been breached, something has to be done to repair it.

Ya-boo! January 22, 2008

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Yahoo should include a function where I can divert all my mails from that account to Google.  Google allows that in their free email accounts, why does Ya-boo give that feature only to their premium accounts?! And yes, I’m loving wordpress. Since I am supposed to be studying and not blogging like a rabid fool, that shows how much I enjoy putting my ideas here. Haha