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Love languages January 19, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in family, Life.
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I have been asked by a few people regarding my love language. I cannot remember all the love languages, I think there are five, but these three are what applies to me.

Time. This is important to me. I tend to move on quite fast from certain relationships especially when I do not spend time with those people. Making an effort to spend sometime to see or talk to someone is quite imporantant for me. This is one reason I live eating out with friends or talking to my family over dinner or television. Those moments are priceless because I get to spend time with them and also get to have really great conversations. This is another love language – Conversations.

The more I talk to someone about anything and everything under the sun, the more I love them. I love knowing about the smallest details about the lives of people that I love. I love sharing these details about myself too, thus the tendency to overshare sometimes, at my own expense. That is why it is important for me to always have conversations with my family and friends, either face to face, online or through SMS.

Touch. I love to hug people. I do not do kisses though, except my family.


Passing the bar March 29, 2008

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My sister passed the bar exams! Woohoo. Always had faith that she would. And God did answer our family’s prayer. Those times leading and during the bar exams were tough, really tough, but we held it together during long weekends, and bouts of depression and times of financial lack. During all these times, one thing was constant. God’s hand in everything. He was and is always there for my family. We have undergone so much loss for the past years, really placed a strain in our family, but through it all we learned to love each other more and just cherish each one.

Ang galing talaga ng Diyos. I am happy. Joyful. He really is God. Thank you, God.