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Rest February 1, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life.

Just having a few minutes of rest in between finishing a draft decision of the labor case and studying for my hearing tomorrow. I have not studied for any of my classes tomorrow and have not written a single thing for my thesis. I still have a hearing by Tuesday. I am in bad need of rest.

I remember that a few years back, I would be able to deal with busyness in a better way. No anxiety. I just did what I needed to do at that time. I realized that I have been anxious about how I will be able to do certain things given my limited time and my utter need for sleep – despite the fact that I have tons of things to do, I still allow myself 8 hours of sleep as often as I can (which is almost everyday).

Now, I am quite disturbed by the fact that I know it will be a challenge to do many things in the time that I have. It just dawned on me that rest does not mean having less things to do. It isn knowing and believing that God is in control and that I need not worry. My rest is in him. Without him, I will not be able to do these things. I am cheering myself on.



1. yen - February 2, 2009

much joy and grace to strengthen you, Lem. i’m praying for you guys and your acads!:)

2. Maria - February 3, 2009

try to sleep for just 6 hours a night…

3. leukemicnut - February 3, 2009

I tried that last Thursday, Friday, and Sunday night. Come yesterday afternoon, my head was splitting in half and I was always looking for coffee on those days. Not a good sign. But I love coffee. Labo. 😀

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