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Michael Jackson’s video February 8, 2009

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On the way to school this morning, the bus I rode on was playing a concert of Michael Jackson. This was Michael Jackson before this nose disappeared but after the Gluta treatment.

I just found it funny that the concert showed both his dancing and performance skills as well as the many people who passed out in his concert. The shots were either of Michael Jackson singing and dancing or of his fans passing out and being carried in stretchers or being slapped by paramedics to test if they are conscious. I do not know what the producers of the video were trying to convey, but I just found the juxtaposition weird.  Showing Michael Jackson dancing – with his weird “costume” that looks like something a lady gymnast would wear, only he puts on pants underneath it, – and his many unconscious fans in alternating shots was really weird.


Long day February 8, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life.

I am tired but I just need to write something totally not related to climate change or the right to development.

This day was spent reading and writing and more writing, as well as drinking expensive coffee that I do not like. I am talking about Bo’s Coffee.But that’s not what this post is for.

This day started with a class that I love and enjoy sans the three consecutive absences. He makes me realize that lawyers are not really liars and crooks. And I want the kind of job that he does.

Then I spent the next hours just writing my SLR and preparing for my International Environmental Law presentation. After writing a few paragraphs for my SLR, I would rest and read about technology transfer and the Kyoto Protocol.

I was also able to attend my first small group meeting in around 2 or 3 years with two stage “ates” waiting for me and ask how it went. I needed that meeting. I hope I can keep it up.

Durex condom commercial February 5, 2009

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I was listening to the radio on the way to Makati City Hall when I heard the commercial asking for volunteers for condom testing. I don’t know if I heard it right, but is that for real? They’re also giving out cash prize or something. For what?

Will the couples get a truckload of condoms to test? How will the test be recorded? What are they trying to measure? How will a couple qualify or get disqualified?

I would love to know how this works out.

Phelps and pot February 4, 2009

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I have seen the pictures of  Michael Phelps, smoking pot. So what?

Give him a break. Anyone is entitled to commit mistakes.

I am particularly pissed by this article. As if he’s the first person caught on camera smoking pot. Some people have been caught in worse situations. So this really ticks me off.

Random thoughts February 4, 2009

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I do not like explaining why I am skipping class. Haha. I think I can do that. But maybe I ask people the reason too, that’s why I can be asked.

I love coffee, but it makes my tummy hurt sometimes, well most of the time. That is why I always have to eat something while drinking it. Pandesal.

Coffee does not make me lose sleep. I can drink it one minute, and be asleep the next one. However, it does make waking up easier especially if I have to wake up early.

I have episodes of cleaning frenzy. I throw things that I can still use when I am in this mood.

I am moody, extremely moody.

I dream of swimming.

I really really want to learn to play tennis.

I really want to become a Triathlete (I know how to swim, bike and run –  I think that’s the requirement. The endurance is what I have to train for.)

I miss my family back home. Life is easier and less stressful there too.

I love pandesal. Especially the ones back home.

Sometimes I still ask myself whether law is for me.

I hate it that I feel insecure sometimes, without any trigger or anything.

Rest, again February 3, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life.

My recent post was about how much I felt stressed about the many things that I have to do, and with so little time to do all of them. Thus, while taking a long break from writing my thesis, I found this in Joshua Harris’ blog. Just a great reminder of how I my perspective should be. I will just quote it verbatim:

A quote I’ve been encouraged by recently…

The main difficulty, therefore, is not in our work, but in ourselves; in the conflict with our own unbelief, in the form either of indolence or self-dependence. When faith is really brought into action, the extent and aggravation of the difficulty (even were it increased an hundred-fold) is a matter of little comparative moment. Difficulties heaped upon difficulties can never rise to the level of the promise of God. To meet the trembling apprehensions—”Who is sufficient for these things?” the answer is ready—”our sufficiency is of God.” There is a link in the chain of moral causes and effects, which connects the helplessness of the creature with the Omnipotence of God, and encourage the creature to attempt every thing in the conscious inability to do any thing: and this “in weakness” thoroughly felt, Divine “strength is made perfect”. It is equally important to feel our abasement, and to maintain it with a corresponding and proportionate exercise of faith. Let us lie low, but let us look high; let us realize our weakness and strength at the same moment; let there be a remembrance, as well as a present exercise of faith. —Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry

Rest February 1, 2009

Posted by leukemicnut in Life.

Just having a few minutes of rest in between finishing a draft decision of the labor case and studying for my hearing tomorrow. I have not studied for any of my classes tomorrow and have not written a single thing for my thesis. I still have a hearing by Tuesday. I am in bad need of rest.

I remember that a few years back, I would be able to deal with busyness in a better way. No anxiety. I just did what I needed to do at that time. I realized that I have been anxious about how I will be able to do certain things given my limited time and my utter need for sleep – despite the fact that I have tons of things to do, I still allow myself 8 hours of sleep as often as I can (which is almost everyday).

Now, I am quite disturbed by the fact that I know it will be a challenge to do many things in the time that I have. It just dawned on me that rest does not mean having less things to do. It isn knowing and believing that God is in control and that I need not worry. My rest is in him. Without him, I will not be able to do these things. I am cheering myself on.