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Awesome December 13, 2008

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These set of pictures really amaze me and keep me in awe of the wonder of the universe. I can’t wait for the collection to be complete. There’s just something really amazing in the way the stars and the entire universe look.


Numb December 10, 2008

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He feels nothing. Not happy, nor sad, he just stares at the dark ceiling waiting for sleep to come. He hopes he could cry or just laugh, genuinely. However, no matter how much he tries to believe he could feel something about the stuff going on around him, there’s just nothing. He does not feel sorry nor does he feel that he has done the right thing. So what now, he asks himself? Where to go? What is he to do?

He hopes sleep comes to him soon because the numbness is making him crazy. However, though he wants sleep to come he also fears waking up after this night, not knowing if he would get some emotion out of himself. Does death feel like this, he asks. Or is living like this. He’s alive, oh yes he is, but already dead.


Giving up December 8, 2008

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I never imagined that I would be home at this time, writing a blog entry. A few days ago, I imagined that I’d have an essay at hand and I would be happy I even made it because I know nothing about International Humanitarian Law before I decided to write the essay for the Jean Pictet Moot Court Competition. Now, I have a 300 word essay for one of the three questions for the competition. And I am giving up.

I might and will probably regret not pushing myself up to the last minute. Not trying hard enough, well hindsight will always be 20/20, so for now I will give myself a break.

I am giving up primarily because I know I lack the materials for a good essay. I cannot even make a stand because of my utter lack of knowledge on the topic. Reading textbooks on the topic until the wee hours of the morning did help a bit but it was not enough.

If this week was only less busy for me, I would have finished it. But the things I did were well worth my time, most of them at least. It was Nanay Bebang and Tatay Bebeng’s 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday. That was a highlight. More on that in another post probably. The 30 minutes I spent watching Pacman was also worth it. But the 3 hours fixing the Christmas lights weren’t. But who was I to complain.

By the time I had free time, my legs were already jelly (like Dela Hoya’s during the last 2 rounds) and my body was crying out to me for sleep. I ended up not eating dinner and sleeping until 10:30 in the evening. Tried to write the essay, the result was the 300 words that I still have until now. Tried to wake up at 7 am this morning but I just couldn’t force myself to get up from the bed.

Right now, I want to kick myself and punch my face because I couldn’t make it work knowing that I could have written the essay. Just the fact that I was not able to finish it makes me feel so miserable and sad.

I will probably take the day off. Watch a movie and study the classes that I should have studied.

This experience did make me realize that I really want to be in International Law practice. Any field is really interesting. I just enjoy reading up on things and learning something new. That is one thing I can take from this experience. And to not wait last minute to decide on something like this.

At least the Christmas chill is making me really happy.

Protected: Birthday post for Charm December 5, 2008

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Korean song syndrome December 3, 2008

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I usually enjoy having a song in my head and just letting it play on. It may be a One Reoublic song, or the chanting of the barker at the jeepney terminal – yes, the barker’s chant turns into a song in my head.

On my way to school today, the song I had in my head is some Korean hip-hop (or so they claim) boy group. It just played and played and played. The song was obviously in a language I do not understand, which annoyed me. So I ended up googling it and looking for a way to get to hear the song even though Youtube and Imeem is blocked in the office computer. Found one. Now having my fix of this Big Bang song – I think it is entitled Sunset Glow.

I should stop listening to what my cousins are listening to. Haha. I just hate it that I am enjoying this music.

Entourage December 1, 2008

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Since the new season just wrapped up, I just thought of taking this quiz. Haha

Which Entourage Character Are You?

You are Eric. You are the executive, the suit. You know what the grand strategy is, you understand what is needed of you, and you execute. Most people tend to underestimate you, but you deliver quite a surprise. Your hard work and natural abilities provide you with the confidence to step up to the plate when it is required of you. Although you aren’t the All-Star of the group, you are the Manager entrusted with confidently calling the shots.
Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

Hopefully the next season starts soon. Can’t wait for it. Haha.

E is my favorite character, so this was fun. I did not need to retake it to get the result I wanted.

Maxing out my triangle December 1, 2008

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Jack Cheng wrote about this. I am in that stage of my life where my choices will determine the career track that I will have. Growth – Love – Money. Those are how we can evaluate our career choices.

I have a shitty job, at the moment, but I still am able to learn quite a few from it, so I am not totally at a wreck yet. I have an opportunity to do some work regarding International Environmental Law, which I am really interested in. So there’s definitely room for growth.

Money. Break even. It pays for me daily sustenance. Haha. I guess there’s also room for improvement. A lot of room.

Love. I love research. Only when it is related to my job.

Jack Cheng also mentioned about turning a hobby into a business. Hmm. I cannot even think of the definition of a hobby. All I remember are the ROSES, and whatever acronym that I used when signing autographs back when I was a scrawny (not anymore – 138 lbs already)  and sweaty (my palms usually are) grade school kid. I have yet to find a great idea I can earn money from, like a business. The last thing I want is to work my ass off in a law firm in order to earn big money. That would be a passion-killer type of job. I want to earn good enough money as a lawyer, but I want to have my own business – totally not related to law.