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Summer May 19, 2008

Posted by leukemicnut in Life, UP.
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The summer break is almost over and I still find myself longing that it will not be over soon. I don’t think I will be prepared to take on the classes that are mostly review classes, plus the heavy load at work, and the dreaded OLA. I may end up having to give up work if things start become increasingly challenging, but I do not want to end up in that position. I also just recently realized that I have not gone to the beach this summer. Adds sadness to the already uninteresting summer I have. Maybe I’ll find the time between now and enrollment, I hope so.

This summer has been spent trying to be busy with work, at least the month of April was spent doing work. But May was a different story. Trying to do as much job as I can do was not just possible when my mind is not in the right gear. I volunteered for bar-ops thinking that doing a reviewer was easy, or manageable. Big fat mistake. Thanks to a wonderfully written reviewer from last year that made my work ten-fold more difficult.

Aside from work, I have been busy catching up with people who are not of the world I call Law School. My high school friends and undergrad barkada are those that belong to this group. I realized how much I have missed by undergrad barkada. I also realized that it has been three years since we all graduated, and they all have been successful, which I think is an understatement. One will be going to London in a few months, for two years, others are negotiating a very hefty raise and promotion, another just had promotion, and one’s been expanding her network and having lots of fun doing what she wants to do. I am in law school. If the three years was not spent studying, I could have been in the workforce already and earning a larger amount of money. I just hope this thing called law is indeed the right track for me. I do enjoy it now compared to a year ago.

Aside from seeing people, I did find some great placed to eat this summer. This place near UP Main Libe sells the most awesome pasta under 60 bucks. The stall is called Long Island. Jeifan had been raving about the place for sometime, but I conveniently ignored her. Now though, I could not stop eating there everyday. I eat my lunch there everytime I am in UP. I just love their pasta.

I also discovered a Japanese milk tea place at The Block, called Bubble Tea. I just love their milk tea because it has pearls. Tapioca. Sago. Whatever. I just love it! I have bought a different flavor of their milk tea everytime I am in that area. It is also less than 100 bucks so way cheaper that other coffee shops. The place looks cozy too with green white cushioned chairs and light yellow lights.

This summer I also discovered how much free stuff I can download through iTunes. French lessons, NASA presentations, apologetics talks, history lectures, and even exercise videos. Haha. So been in front of my computer for longer hours than before but have been learning more things and discovering many things in the process.

I just hope I will be prepared for the coming sem when it comes. As of now, I’ll enjoy my milk tea, pasta and the lectures on Byzantine empire.