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On mentoring April 18, 2008

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Josh Harris wrote about the need to mentor the next generation of men. He said that he was  blessed to have had and to have a mentor to teach him how to follow Christ by setting an example.  He said that the the older generation should be willing to mentor the younger generation, and that the younger generation should be willing to be trained and taught by those ahead of them.  He also explicitly said that his situation was unique because not many people have the opportunity to be mentored. I couldn’t agree more.

Finding and having a mentor has always been a prayer of mine. I know I need one and I want to have one. But I do not have one. I may be partly to blame because I could not and sometimes do not attend the big groups in church where I can most likely find the mentor that I am looking for.  But I think it is quite obvious that I am looking for one. People know I do not have a small group, but so what. I think I should find a way to find my mentor, if there’s one that is willing in church.

I really think that my generation needs all the mentoring that we can get.  It is easy to get caught up in trying to find our own niche in this world, attaining our dreams and just living the life that we want to have.  We are entitled to that, but I think we all need a greater thing to live on. We cannot be limited to ourselves and be content with that.  We need to be spurred into thinking that we can be passionate for things bigger than ourselves, and that we can live our lives fulfilling our dreams, but also making the dreams of other people come true.

As a Christian, I need all the spurring, encouragement, and rebukes that I can get in order to grow from glory to glory.  Being mentored is not limited to Christians, though.  Most graduate courses has such an arrangement where the thesis adviser becomes one’s mentor in the field of expertise that one has chosen.  Sadly, again, I do not see this in law school.  It seems like the teachers are too busy trying to weed out the students they think do not deserve to be in the college, that they forget what education is really about.  As a student, I want to learn as much as I can about a subject matter and also be able to be encouraged and challenged to be better at what I do.  But law school is not like that. There are teachers who I see just really want to teach and have a passion to ensure that students understand what they law is and how it is applied in the real world.  But their kind is few. I hope professors, not only in law school, but in every institution of learning, realize that education is about the transfer of knowledge and the drawing out of the potential of the student, and making him realize what he can do with it.  I hope that all of them would decide that mentoring he next generation in their field of expertise is important because these are the people who will be at the helm of their field and will be the ones who will shape it when they’re gone.

As I grow old, and I am quite young, really, I know I need someone to help me deal with things that I will face, and to help me grow in my walk with Christ and in my field of expertise, law.  One key thing I guess to make myself available to be mentored. I just need the will-power to be able to do that.


I love the world April 17, 2008

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Found this video through my favorite Kotke.org.

How I wish I could have a job like what they do, traveling around the world, and learning new things and meeting lots of people of different cultures. Well, maybe I will have that one day. We shall see…

Death pictures April 7, 2008

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Found these through Kotke.org.  There is always something haunting about the face of a dead person. I guess that’s why I always make it a point to look at the faces of dead people whose wakes I go to. Their faces just lingers in my mind, not in a bad way, most of the time it just lingers, with no emotion. These pics just show that. Amazing study through pictures.