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Valentine’s post February 15, 2008

Posted by leukemicnut in Life.
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I think it is quite over-rated. There just too much emphasis on romantic love that singles like me are left either pretending to be fine in their single glory or wallowing in self-pity because of the love all around us that we cannot be a part of.  I think Valentine’s is a wonderful day though, despite that, because everyone tries to be in their best behavior or in their best clothes. Or something just to make them feel better or to compensate for something they lack on the said day.

I have a problem though, not with the day but with how I react or feel during the said day.  I’ve always felt like anything romantic is not my cup of tea or coffee.  I love being single.  I love that I do not have to obligingly update someone about my day or else feel the wrath of an uninformed audience made up of a single person.  If it was the government I would have cried for respect for my civil rights, for my privacy that is.  But since it is a private individual, I’ll just keep my distance.  My friends told me they felt sad on the said day, try as I might, I could not get myself to be in their shoes.  Why would I feel lonely on a day that is a testament to the fact that many people can fall in,love and stay that way? I may not be romantically in love with someone, but that doesn’t mean I’m missing out on something.

I love this day because I know that all around the world, people who have stayed in love for a long time are celebrating.  I may not be part of it, but I am sure that in due time I will be.  For someone whose friends think that death is most likely than marriage, that may be far from now.  But I am in no rush.  I can only stay single for a short period of time, single and independent, and I intend to live that to the fullest.  Because when the time comes for a commitment I want to be ready for it and for everything else that will follow that commitment. For now, I stay single, in all its understated glory. And I salute those married couples who are together who are testament that  people can indeed stay together. (more on this topic soon)