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When a blog dies, does anyone hear a sound? December 17, 2007

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This was a title of an article of a guy named Gino dela Paz. I think this was a few weeks ago in the Supreme Section of the Philippine Star. In his article he said that he chose to stop blogging because someone might end up getting his creative ideas which were the sources of his articles for the newspaper. As far as I can remember from what he said, he was afraid that what he was writing in his blog would interfere with what he would be writing in his newspaper column because people will end up reading his blog and will not read his newspaper column. He also said that he was afraid that some of the pictures that he posted in his blog might be “grabbed” by someone and profit out of it.

I really had a big problem with what he said. First, why in the world would he put the same content in his blog and his newspaper column. That would really be dumb. I guess he was not creative enough to think of other topics. I like that section of the Philippine Star, because most of the writers are I of my generation. But this guy has totally lost his logic. Or maybe I’m being too harsh. However, I’m not the one getting paid to write something, so I was hoping for something more intelligent. Having a blog does not mean one loses an audience when it comes to print media. Many broadsheets abroad have online versions of their paper. They also have bloggers that deal with specific topics. Blogging caters to a different audience all together: The people who spend most of their time online and who get their daily dose of news and articles from the web. So what am I saying? I think that instead of totally letting go of his blog, why not ask Philippine Star to update their website. And pay writers who will write online. I think it was a challenge for that guy to maintain a blog where he could write his ideas, and write for a newspaper where he writes about his ideas. I think he forgot about compartmentalizing his ideas. He could still write his blog without compromising his ideas for his column. Malcolm Gladwell maintains a blog though he still writes for the New Yorker and has a book that will come out soon. It was a test to prove his creativity, which he failed miserably. But in the end, I could bitch about it all I can, but he’s the one getting paid to write, I get published only in blogger. Tough luck.


Remember December 10, 2007

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Just before going to sleep last night, I heard a motorcycle doing rounds in the village, and for a while I thought I was in my bed in Pangasinan as I was waiting for the sound of the pandesal vendor’s horn. Yes, it was 10pm but I was hoping was transported back to my room in Pangasinan and not be forced to wake up early the next day to have time to study. I really miss home. Life there revolves around me. Haha. Not really, life is just simpler and problems are solved pretty quickly. I have no complaints about school, it’s just that I think the cycle of having to work extra hard is killing my enthusiasm for what I am doing. I love studying, when I get right to it, but being far from home for the past 7 years is gently taking it’s toll on me. I miss home. I miss the sound of tricycles having a race early in the morning. I miss the sound of the neighbor’s dog barking, the roosters crowing, I miss the fact that I can wake up as late as I can and still have food on the table for me, I miss getting to the bayan for a low as 7 bucks, I miss December breeze there, the air is definitely cleaner, I miss the cheap meriendas that feed me and my cousins, I miss shouting at each other for mundane things, I miss Pangasinan. I miss my Tita Emma. Things could never be quite the same, but I could still not move on, even though in my mind I keep telling myself I have.