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Know it all. April 23, 2007

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“Patch o pasa?”


Patch o pasa?” (1 sec pause)

“Patch na lang.”

Patch na lang! I didn’t even know what that meant exactly. The man doing the vulcanizing wanted me to decide how the hole in the corolla’s front right tire would be fixed, patch o pasa. Patch would, I hope, mean patching it up with some rubber of some sort. But pasa, that’s a totally alien word to me. Pasa in the vulcanizing world is indecipherable at that instant he asked me. I had to answer with all the confidence that I could muster, that I wanted PATCH. I think he bought the front that I knew what he was asking about. I could not ask him what he meant by the question. Never. For sure he’ll think that I could not drive a car and not know those two terms. Right at that moment, knowing those terms determined my driving capacity and capability. If didn’t know what he was talking about, I was not entitled to drive that car. To drive for that matter. I didn’t want him thinking that. I might come back for another vulcanizing job and he’ll always think that I was the guy who didn’t know what patch or pasa was. I will not let that happen. He believed it. Now, I really have to know what those two words mean. Pasa, more importantly. Just to make the lie, truth, though belatedly.


Techno stress and something April 13, 2007

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I am always prone to techno-stress.  Even Word gives me that. That's really quite a low threshold for techno-stress.  But since I started working, or specifically yesterday up to this morning, I have been able to handle it, even overcome it.  It started with me having fun with the wireless internet in the office and student lounge.  I decided I'd download Google earth (which I love love love, but for another post). If one's used to 47kbps as a fast connection, I was giddy and inexplicably excited with 1Mbps, much more when it's 5.5Mbps.  I was amazed at how fast a page downloads and how fun it is to watch a video without having to wait for eons before I can watch it.  Then I decided I could actually download other things for the laptop of my cousins'. But there was a catch.  It was turtle slow.  I had a hunch it had something to do with the several antivirus software in it.  Mostly pirated, mostly dysfunctional.  So I decided I'd remove them all and download nod32's free trial.  But I was not able to do it at the office. I decided I'd do it at home.

When I got home last night, I opened C: and lo and behold, I can;t open it without a program, DEP shutting it.  Techno-stress!! It was saying that there was a certain file missing. I searched for the file. None. Googled it then. A freaking virus! Made in Pinas. Technostress.  If it's a virus, but I can;t find it even through AVG, then why would DEP close windows explorer. I had to download nod32 first, and some registry booster of sorts.  I ran the register booster, no change. I realized I had to do something with that DEP. I slept on it.  Now, at this time, I finally figured it out.  Just disabled DEP for Windows Explorer.  Now I can open it, but using right click, then open.  Using double-click does not work because it's still looking for that virus of a file.  Now I'm running nod32, and it really works. Plus, there's significant effect on the computer speed.  Wow! I hope I get to have my own laptop, as an aside. Haha.

Aside from that, I just got Php500 easy money just by sitting at a boring lecture on pollwatching or rather paralegal work during elections.  Haha.  It's for the campaign of some UP Law graduate running in Makati.  I do hope they keep true to their word regarding the payment. Kaching Kaching!!!

Moreover, it's quite lonely to be alone at home.  Not really alone but left without a family member.  Deafening silence.  That's probably why I'm still awake and watching TV and doing this. Haha. Anyway, I do hope my cousins get to buy the things I want. I'm crossing my fingers with delight and excitement.

Testing this feature April 12, 2007

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I'm just testing the feature of Blogger as to sending posts via email.