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Miracles through faith June 4, 2006

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God loves to rescue us at times when we think it’s already too late. We think it’s too late, but for him, the timing is perfect. This is what I’ve learned after waiting for more than two months for the job for me. I though I’d never get one in time for enrolment but I did find one, and I’m going to start tomorrow.

This summer has been about waiting and just having faith. It make seem easy to do, but truth is, it’s tough. This is mainly because I want to take control of what happens, of how things will turn out. God has taught me to follow him, just like how Abraham did, blindly, but full of faith because of the promise that God has given me. The waiting has taught me that God is indeed God. He is in control. Coming to terms with that is not easy. Yes, in my head I knew he was in-charge. But in reality, it’s not that easy to do. Giving the reins of my life totally and just having total submission to his will is a humbling and painful but utterly rewarding experience. Just when I thought that things were going good, God shows me that it can be great and that it is his plan for it to be great.

Believing him is all he asked. I am just so blessed and humbled by the circumstances that have happened and that blessings that I have been given because it made me grow through the times that I was waiting. God showed me that miracles happen for those who believe. I see it everyday specifically in my Auntie Emma’s condition. I see her health becoming better and her attitude leaning more towards the positive.

I have been really blessed because God has chosen me to show his kindness and power. He has shown his love in ways I could only see with awe. This summer has been one of growth in aspects that I never thought I needed one. And as I start working and studying, I know I can conquer anything, not because of my strength but because of the one who lives in me, who has tremendous strength.