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Law School begins June 5, 2005

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Hay. Law School is a challenging world. One of the speakers in the orientation said that I should set goals for myself to survive law and be excellent, and I did even before he said that.

1. To be part of the Order of the Purple Feather
2. To be a bar topnotcher
3. To be a great lawyer
4. To share the gospel to law students

Okay, now that’s said, I really pray that I accomplish those stuffs. The most important thing is that I’ll learn as much as I have to learn and enjoy my stay in Malcolm. I’m excited but I am also apprehensive because teachers have the reputation that they will shout at students, insult them, ridicule them and all the horrible things that they can do. Everyone will go through it and I’m ready. I’ll just have to prepare by studying and studying and studying.